How to install scenario's/routes/other data in Train Simulator 2013/2014

On this page you can find how you install any scenario/route/other data in Train Simulator 2013/2014.

  • Download the content you want to install. Unpack the .rwp/.rpk file to an easy directory, eg. the desktop or your documents directory.

Screenshot 1

  • Browse to your Train Simulator directory, and look for Utilities.exe (see screenshot above). Double click it to run it.

Screenshot 2

  • Click on the Package Manager tab, and click on the Install button (see screenshot above).

Screenshot 3

  • Browse to the .rwp/.rpk file you downloaded and stored on your desktop or documents directory, select it and choose Open (see screenshot above).

Screenshot 4

  • The selected content will be installed (see screenshot above).
  • The content is available in Train Simulator (after a restart).

Free content for Train Simulator 2013/2014

Click here to download free scenario's for Train Simulator 2013/2014